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Practical use soon! Voice of delight from bicycle users at "absolutely not punctured tires".

Although tires which do not puncture for bicycles have been announced so far, weight has become a bottleneck, and it ...
2017/04/18 UPDATE
  • This time, Bridgestone Corporation and Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd. developed the next generation tire for bicycles using "Air Free Concept" technology which makes air filling of tires unnecessary.
    Announced that it is aiming for commercialization in 2019.
    The air-free concept is a technology that supports the load by special shaped spokes on the side of the tire and eliminates the need to fill the tire with air.
    Using that technology, I developed a bicycle tire without concern about puncture. In addition, since we are using resin for spokes, we have a high degree of freedom in design, making it an unprecedented tire design.
    Moreover, by using recyclable resin and rubber for the material of the spoke part, it seems that resources can be used efficiently.
    Trial experience will be held at the event "Bridgestone x Olympics x Paralympics a GO GO!" Held in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture on April 30, 2017, in Yokohama City on Sunday, June 4 (Sun) .
    Based on the opinion of those who actually got on it, it is said that examination for practical use will proceed.
    A bicycle that can run anywhere without worrying about puncture. It seems that it will soon be a reality thing.
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