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"Japan's most beautiful hip" is decided! Former NMB 48 Members First Grand Prix <Best Hip Contest>

【Takano Yui, best hip contest / model press = March 30】 "Best hip contest" aiming at "want to become&q...
2017/05/29 UPDATE
  • "Best hip contest" is a specialized project specializing in "hip" which is troublesome even among women, a contest competing to see how close to the ideal hip by body make up.
  • Former NMB 48 member and Yukari Takano shining as the first Grand Prix, got the title of "Japan's most beautiful hip".After that, a comprehensive review including actual numerical values and others was carried out, and Takano who won the aim of "high hip with volume and position" won a brilliant Grand Prix. I had a complex that the position of the hip from the idol era is low, "I originally planned to go to the gym and I applied for thinking that I missed this opportunity," I revealed the opportunity to participate.
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