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How to grasp? seasoning? "How to grasp delicious rice balls" Four tips

"Onigiri" which is useful not only for daily lunch and leisure but also for late-night snacks and snacks.
2017/04/21 UPDATE
  • If you hold it well, rice balls are delicious, even if you cool down.
    Four tips on delicious rice balls
    1. When boiling rice, moderate water loss
    2. Mix the cooked rice
    3. Moderate salt concentration
    4. Hold on to it while it's hot and hold it gently

    When you grasp these four tips, it's a delicious rice ball. I will introduce about each details, how to make deliciously rice balls, and NG behavior which tends to be carried out.

    <Tips 1> When you cook rice, moderate water loss
    It is recommended to cook less water than usual so that cooking of rice will be "finished somewhat" finish. By cooking it firmly, it prevents rice from being crushed or becoming damaged at the time of "cutting" the rice later. Let's cook it while adjusting the water absorption time according to the type of rice and the temperature at that time.

    <Tips 2> Mix the cooked rice
    When the rice cooks and steaming is sufficiently done, open the rice in a bat or a large dish. By spreading flat, extra moisture remaining between rice will be easy to fly. And I will cut rice with the rice paddle in the vertical so that the rice grain leaves.

    By "cutting the rice", a layer of air is born in the rice which was in close contact with the rice cooker, and when it grips it becomes fluffy mouth. If you do not have the image "cut rice" please try to imagine how the sushi bar cuts rice in a sushi pail.

    I will move the rice pad with Sassa so that the rice is cut diagonally. Be careful not to mix rice at this time. I feel embarrassed in rice. Please be conscious of "cutting" to the last.

    <Tips 3> Moderate salt concentration
    "Salt adjustment" that tends to get lost. How much salt is right? Have you noticed that "Overdoing or missing?" After lightly wetting your hands, put salt on the fingers of 2 fingers or 3 fingers and let it rub it in your hands.

    It may feel that "a little more?", But salt admits to hand rice with moderate handwork. Please adjust according to your preference.

    <Trick 4> I will hold on to it while I am hot!
    Let's grasp the rice ball quickly before the heat of the rice cools down. The beginning is a bit hot, but I will try hard and hold on there. You should prepare cold water with ice in the bowl and hold it while chilling your hands. When grasping rice balls with already cold rice, it seems good to warm it up to about human skin and then hold it.

    When holding, let 's hold it softly with an image like holding the baby' s hand. Because rice will become hard when it cools down, when you grasp it strongly, it becomes hard when rice balls cool down. It is a trick to grasp delicious rice balls even if it is cold to gently shake hot rice.
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