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Employee motivation, leaving job depends on your boss What is your boss and bad boss?

In order to compensate for the talent shortage, we will first consider employing human resources, but we also need to...
2017/04/24 UPDATE
  • Considering recruitment and training costs, corporate reputation etc, it seems that it has become a time when merit is bigger not to let people quit. For that, it is necessary to know the reason to "quit".
    ◆ Hard to grasp "Retirement reason"
    According to the survey by En-Japan, a recruitment job information service company (2013), it seems that retirees are separately using "rebuilding" and "real intention", considering considerable withdrawal from retirement. The reasons for retirement before retirement are the top three, "Family circumstances" (response rate 32%), "job content" (25%), "physical condition" (11%). On the other hand, the top three of the real intention is "human relations" (26%), "corporate style and climate" (18%), "job content" (16%). I think that any company knows the reason for retirement from the principal or through the superior, but there is also the possibility that he is not aware of the truth.
    The problem of "human relationships in the workplace" will be different depending on the relationship with your boss or with your colleagues, depending on your retirees. One more step, we need investigation and insight on the reasons for retirement.
    One thing I emphasized here is that its boss is also a manager of a manager. In other words, superiors raise excellent employees, but managers have to train their superiors who are responsible for that role. The manager (manager) should not be simply a means of executing management. Six of the bad bosses mentioned above also apply to managers.
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