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Half of women with lovers replied "No, I want to start this spring"

Speaking of spring, the season where there are many people who start turning their mind and starting something new.
2017/05/02 UPDATE
  • What kind of things are going to begin ... the result of the questionnaire conducted by women only? A questionnaire survey was asked to women "Are you going to start new from April" information site for women's husbandry and love for women in their 20s and 30s, "Love activities"? The most common is "cheating and adultery" with 316 people. It accounts for 31.5% of the 1003 respondents. Next, it was 151 people in love life, 122 people who studied qualification etc.
    Furthermore, in the consciousness survey on love affirmation, confirm the existence of a lover and the desire to find a new lover. While 410 respondents in 762 responded that they had a lover, 53 resulted in "I would like to find a new lover", and 216 "I want to find a new cheating party" resulted. Finally, we asked "What happened to the outcome of adultery" by only 852 people of unmarried women / infidelity experienced? The ending of adultery ... as of yet too much, the most is "sued by wife of infidelity" in 282 people. There were 178 people who were "abandoned by nonsense partners", 155 people "continuing affair", and only 59 people who could "marry an affair partner". The result of cheating love's affair seems to be very little to be happy. As a result an affair that creates unhappy people. If you start a new one anyway, why not try using more meaningful hours?
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