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If you like people, it is important to believe thoroughly first.

Approaching, uneasiness that may be refused or disliked comes out, hesitates behaviors. Anxiety is inherent in love a...
2017/05/12 UPDATE
  • Shocking and refusing feelings will be depressed.
    Anxiety interferes with behavior. At that time, I have something I want to keep in mind. Let's trust your opponent first if you like people. What you believe is "humanity". Because it is about to like it, it is a person who has a wonderful humanity.
    It is a person who can understand people's feelings and is kind.
    The thing that you like like is proving the wonderful humanity of the opponent. Even so, I believe. The courage to love comes out when you believe in your opponent.
    It is a person who has enough human nature to fall in love with, so it should take a positive approach as well. Even though I talk to you, I think that I will surely listen.
    If you give a present, I'm sure you will be pleased.
    Even if I confess, I think that I understand my feelings and should accept it.
    The more you believe the opponent, the more positive your way of thinking goes. As a result, the anxiety will be reduced and the courage to approach will come out. If you like people, it is important to first believe the other person thoroughly.
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