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The contents of the separate household where my wife continues.

Housewives who are suffering from living at home are on the rise. There is no couple's conversation, ignoring ea...
2017/05/16 UPDATE
  • Housewife who told me Kanagawa prefecture · 39 years old
    Husband 39 years old, eldest daughter 16 years old, eldest son 5 years old
    Marriage years 5 years
    About 5 years separately in the household

    My husband 's debt was discovered just after remarriage. I did not know at all before marriage whether I had no eyes to see a man. But when you start living together, let the dunning letters begin to arrive like every day. When asked, apologizing many times as "I am sorry", I confessed that there is debt of 5 million yen. I was more angry than having debts themselves to be casual people who cheat people into getting married.
    This is that black darkness is in front of me. Because, at this time, I was already pregnant. Up until now I have raised my eldest daughter as a single mother while working. Though I can not make a luxury, I have been living happily together with two people. I wanted to return if I could go over there. But, if you have children in your stomach, it's different. If you can not work yourself, you have to be with this person alone.

    ● I will not be touched and sexless
    Ever since I got hurt by my husband I could not touch my body, I have been sexless all the time. As for me it is impossible to repair. It's been my sixth year since I lived together, but there is absolutely nothing that makes love to bud or to forgive in it. Surely it will be impossible from now on. Since I can not forgive the start of lying and deciding to get married, I can not think that feelings will come back no matter what happens.
    I naturally thought of the divorce, I wrote to him a number of divorce notices repeatedly, but each time I was torn and thrown away.
    The color of reflection is clearly seen in him, he has not borrowed since, and his father's role is fulfilled properly. Children also love dad. We also participate in school events seriously, and we do our best to actively take children to play.
    When it comes to the upper daughter, I will definitely ask "Why can not you break up?" I think that it is an unquestionable question because I have been seeing me who is having trouble with my husband 's debt for a long time because I have lived with my daughter. I do not have anything I can do with my idleness, I would like to prepare with the goal of divorce at the timing when the lower child enters elementary school.
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