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Success at CAMPFIRE! Fresh Pakuti paste "PAKUCI SISTERS" attention

Shipments of Pakuti shipments increased significantly in Ibaraki Prefecture · Omoto City, one of the major producers ...
2017/04/04 UPDATE
  • Therefore, I would like to encourage people who are not keenly aware of Pakuchi as well as Pakuchi, "PAKUCI SISTERS" which is seeking funds at the cloud funding site "CAMPFIRE".
    If you like Pakuchi you want to hold a gem
    "PAKUCI SISTERS" is a paste paste made by mixing Pakuchi with various ingredients, it is easy to eat even people who are not familiar with bakuchi.

    Pakuti used for this paste is cultivated in Yachiyo City, Chiba prefecture. Because the condition of taste and scent is harvested at the optimum timing, it is slightly smaller than the ones on the market, but its color and taste are darker.

    Pakuti growing on this land seems to have a sweetness because there is little "grass" which is the biggest problem for those with a high aroma and poor cha chi.
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