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Shizuoka / Izu Peninsula western part, "Osazaki" at the tip of the "Kamiike".

"God's pond" surrounded by nature's mystery sea and not becoming seawater
2017/04/04 UPDATE
  • There is no water source in this pond surrounded by the sea, and seawater flows in on the day when the sea gets rough.

    Maintaining fresh water, funa and carp are swimming energetically.
    It is exactly the pond of God that is counted as the seven wonders of Izu, which has not been clarified why such an environment is kept.
    Kamike is in the precincts of the Ose Shrine. People who look up ponds and catch fish and animals and plants have long been considered to be stolen since the past, and investigation has not been conducted. Also, water transparency is low and even the water depth is unknown.
    The contrast between the sea with high transparency and the deep green of the pond is mysterious at all.
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