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Natural hair certificate Its said that at a certain high school

Parents write an explanation about the circumstances of the hair. If it is too unnatural in appearance, the school ma...
2017/06/08 UPDATE
  • 出典: clover48.com
  • "Natural hair certificate" before entering high school In this high school, two points are necessary for proof "photograph that can confirm the hair of infancy" and "signature and stamp of parent".
    If it can be proved, even if a card called "Natural hair certificate " is issued and a teacher who thinks that hair dyeing, perming, etc. is about to teach the hair, it can be done without showing guidance by showing "certificate" . "I admit it even if it is a pretty light brown if it is ground hair that has not been added." Still, I revealed about the background I am introducing. "There used to be a time when our students started to brown hair and even noise caused the greatest inconvenience to neighboring residents.
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